Join all of us in ourWorld, simply enter the fashion world above, create your own avatar and dress up!

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    • ourWorld was only launched a few years ago but has already become the worlds top online fashion game.

      Not only can you dress your avatar up in a huge range of fashionable clothes to choose from, but you can customise and change your avatars look as many times as you please, for example here I have changed my appearance from a blond girl to an indian muslim girl, quite a different look!

      Pick from 1000's of fashionable items and clothing, dress up in great styles in many games and make friends. It doesn't stop there, you can also decorate your own house and much more.

      ourWorld is our number one pick for games for girls who love fashion and is being played by many girls who love to dress up.

    • About ourWorld

    • ourWorld was created in 2008 and since then it has grown into one the best fashion games online, in fact if anyone was wondering which of all the online games has the largest and most customisable collection of cool clothes, you ourWorld is the answer.

      I've played in many virtual dress up worlds before but I was always disappointed in the selection of clothes and designs available. To be honest they looked quite plain and dull and nothing like the exciting world of fashion that you see at places like the annual Milan and London fashion shows in reality. Before I found this world, there wasn't any online game that made a consistent effort in updating it's fashion for girls and none that brought out new items of clothing on a weekly basis.

      It was only after a year into ourWorld being launched that I found my perfect place to spend some of my free time in. Not only does this virtual world for girls have 1000's of different items to choose from, but the designs are absolutely stunning. The graphics for your girl are also flawless, which is why I am always able to take such exciting shots as the ones above of the latest fashions I wear. The world above is simply number one out all the titles and the best part is it's
      free to play in.

      Also check out some of the hair styles available here.

      I won't spoil the surprise of what's in store for you in ourWorld except to give you a few little hints of some really cool features! First of all there are a wide variety of fashion contests you can enter where you compete against fellow girls to win prizes and secondly there are photo competitions you can enter. In the photo competitions you take snap shots of you and your mates looking cool or funny (whatever your theme is) and submit them in the world. Friends and other players vote to decide who wins.

      Besides these two features there are tonnes of more cool things to do, but i'll let you discover them for yourself, just register here for free and create your own girly character to find out.

      If you are looking for something a bit different in terms of a game coupled by trends and adventure, then ourWorld have now launched the downworld game where you can dress up in warrior like outfits and fight monsters. Although it is aimed more towards boys, many girls also play it due to the variety of futuristic fashions available.