Posh Boutique is Fashion Forward

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4.5 out of 5

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posh boutique game

Trendy fashion? Check. VIPs with impeccable tastes? Check.

With its quirky customers in a high traffic store, Posh Boutique game is not just your typical time management game. As Alicia, you are in training to become the next fashion go-to gal. Running your own chain of boutiques sounds fun but winning over picky customers is never easy. It takes a special girl with a keen sense of fashion and a good head on her shoulders to be a resounding success.

Wear It, Flaunt It

This boutique game is played across seven locations. In each area, you start with a bare bones store with two dressing rooms, an accessory rack and a lone shoe display. You are then given a week to turn the store into a bustling fashion destination. Never fear if you have no experience with time-management games, Grandma Lily is a successful retail owner herself so you get top tips before you start.

Posh Boutique adds its own flavor to classic time management fanfare. Instead of simply clicking on tasks around the map, you now have to choose articles of clothing for your customers. Each piece of merchandise is given a dollar rating, giving you a clue on what look suits the client. You simply have to scroll through the available choices and match top-rated items to each specific person. This may sound simple at first but when you are handling five impatient customers at once (with more on the way), you will probably want to trade in your posh heels for sneakers.

Assigning people to the appropriate station is straightforward for the first few stages. Simply click on a client and choose an open dressing room or accessory rack. Rinse and repeat this as fast as you can and you get through the day, hopefully, with extra earnings. After a few stages though, you get introduced to the combo system wherein you get more money by assisting two or three clients at once. It does take a bit of practice but if you can do this consistently, you should breeze through the later stages.

Looking Good has Never Been Easier

Beginners to intermediate players will find a gem in Posh Boutique game. The challenge of the game depends on your ability to decide which features you invest on early in the week. Are comfortable chairs better to placate grouchy customers or is that extra shoe rack worth it instead? If you could manage everyone without missing a beat, it may be better to up the ante with more stations. Choose wisely since your budget is dependent on what you earned the previous day.

That being said, the game play feels polished and every stage leaves you wanting for more. Not only are you minding your store, you are encouraged to manage it well. Happy customers amount to better sales, so you will have to be accurate in your decisions and you will have to learn to prioritize which customers to please first. For those who just cannot tolerate waiting, you are gives a limited number of discount coupons which you can hand out to disgruntled clients.

Another quirky but enjoyable feature in the game is the outfit consultation portion wherein you have to match a client's "vision" to clothes from your collection. In this mini game, you are given a hazy image to use as a reference and a time limit to mind as you go through your VIP clients and put a smile on their lips -literally. You earn extra cash to use the next day too, so you can easily get that new wardrobe you have been eyeing.

Another much appreciated feature comes from the fact that you get to award Alicia with trophies. These come with special bonuses to boost her performance, such as walking speed, to manage her boutique better. This gave an edge to Posh Boutique, as it really prioritizes the player's enjoyment above all else.

So How Does it Look?

One little drawback of the game, however, is the graphics. As someone who is starting out in the fashion industry, Alicia herself could have used a new outfit or two. The menu bar colors are not glam at all and the font choices could be more eye-catching. For a fashion game, the presentation bar is quite high and Posh Boutique is average at best.

posh boutique gameplay

As for the story, it is quite basic. To set itself apart, it would have been nice if the developers decided to integrate more of a backbone to Alicia's tale. All that was apparent by the end of the game was that Alicia is business-minded gal. Thankfully, the lack of a story is negligible once you start focusing on the game itself.

Posh Boutique game does shine with its music and sound effects; these complement the game's pace quite appropriately. With its pick-me-up tunes, you will never have to worry about sluggish reflexes. Sound effects range from spot lights turning on to approvals from your set of clients. Hearing that peppy "I'll take it!" from a happy and satisfied customer is really encouraging.

More Time for the Mirror

Prepare to spend a whole afternoon on this, as it does get quite addicting once you start playing. For variety, each area has its own set of clothing so you will need to be attentive in order to pass the stage. This simple concept is effective in keeping the challenge fresh and enjoyable.

If you love the game and the story mode was over too quick for you, past boutiques can always be revisited by unlocking Ultimate Mode for each finished stage. You are still given goals to accomplish but this time, the store upgrades are handed out automatically. This essentially doubles the time you can spend on the game and provides ample replay value. Plus, it is really satisfying to watch your boutique blossom into a bustling fashion hub.


In this fashion game, quick eyes are equally as important as fast reflexes. With its novel concepts and balanced game play, no time management fan or casual gamer should miss Posh Boutique. It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience with no pretentions or complicated concepts to cramp its style. With that said, Posh Boutique does feel like it could have used a real fashion critic's touch. Some of the outfits given out to clients in game feel more like hand outs than trend setters and Alice, the glam gal herself, needs a serious wardrobe overhaul. Fortunately, these little visual oddities do little to take away from the grand scale of the game, and Posh Boutique still stands as among our favorite fashion games to this date. We give this game a freshly duded client's 92/100.

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