Posh Boutique 2: A Trend Setter in the Dress-Up Genre

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4.5 out of 5

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posh boutique 2 dress up fashion game

From being an apprentice of fashion guru, Grandma Lilly, to winning the lottery while on vacation - Alicia sure is one lucky gal. As tempting as it may be for any girl on a holiday to splurge her winnings on a shopping trip, Alicia's passion for fashion tells her that it is time to expand her boutique business; with your help, of course!

Posh Boutique 2 still has the same fun, fast- paced game play from its predecessor but effectively adds more sparkle with trickier challenges, a variety of new customers to deal with and slight game play tweaks making it a fantastic dress up fashion game. Instead of repetitive clicking, you now have a variety of tasks to manage at the same time, so you really need to keep your wits about you if you want to breeze through the game.

Back for More Shopping Fun

Just like the first game, Posh Boutique 2 is all about time management and smart investments. You get to run your very own chain of clothing and accessory stores, transforming each branch from drab to fab within seven days. Earnings from your previous work day carry over to the next, giving you funds to spend on upgrades of your choice. These may be used to add or level up merchandise stations, hire a cleaning lady to tidy up the store while you work or, new to this installment, spruce up the store display. Choosing the latter will effectively invite more people to visit your store or add an extra smiley to the customers mood meter.

Adding an extra challenge to the first game's mechanics, Alicia's speed boost is no longer earned via a "free" trophy. Instead, it is now one of the upgrades that you must spend money on. Also, there are no hands- free stations anymore. All of the customers now need Alicia to assist them in different ways, be it by suggesting the perfect outfit for them or by assembling the accessories that they require. For instance, selecting shoes requires you to click the matching pair on a scrolling bar while luggage is assembled by selecting complementary parts.

Making a comeback in the second game is the combo assist. Bringing two or three customers simultaneously to their station still wows the crowd, but added to the mix are couples in desperate need of a fashion makeover. Alicia will need to help both to choose their outfits at the same time, stalling you from helping other impatient customers. Instead of choosing a pair of shoes, you need two -and quick, so it really pays off to master those mini games.

Special Clients

The dress up fashion game also incorporates special customers who will walk into the store at certain points in the stages. This adds an extra level of challenge as their presence will often force players to change their queued actions -at the same time, attending to the needs of these special clients will provide you with some nice benefits.

Private consultations by VIPs are still a major money earner, and the challenge is amped up by removing visible signs of a client's approval. Bags and shoes are now a part of the bargain, though it does little to alter the mini game's difficulty.

Press will drop by your store from time to time to check on how you rank with the competition. They get treated much like the VIPs and are your ticket to getting extra cash. Please these picky customers and you get an extra hidden object game by the end of the day. Their mood continuously drops so the faster you find all the stocks, the better your prospects will be. After the allotted time, you are given a rating and, of course, stellar reviews give you more money for upgrades.

Improvements Everywhere

Posh Boutique 2 does not hold back when it comes to cleverly implemented minute details. Even at the title page, you are greeted with a simple mini game which may net you additional cash for upgrades in- game. A scroll bar of items are found at the bottom of the screen, find a match with what trendy tidbit Alicia is thinking about and you have got yourself and extra thousand dollars to spend.

The art direction of this title is a welcome step up from the first game. Although in general, the visuals still look like cardboard cutouts, the illustrations have been tweaked to suit the fashion theme. Again, attention to detail is commendable, as shown by miniscule items on the display racks and the variation of dress styles found on clients. Even Alicia's look has been updated to suit the generation, making her look more like a girl you would want to hang out with.

posh boutique 2 game play

To set the mood, the environments look lush with the use of subtle shading and peppy color palettes. The furniture pieces and store front design is also very modern, ensuring that the setting is more believable for those who are very particular about thematic details.

No game is complete without mood setting audio. The background music is still more or less the same caliber as the first Posh Boutique's. Feel good tunes are a plenty, and are relaxing to listen to in contrast to the hectic game play. Ambient noise seems carefully chosen and is also appropriate to the on- screen actions. The real step up in this game, however, are the voice over clips. Say goodbye to repetition. Thanks to the number of new customer types, new voice sets have also been implemented to liven up your day at the boutique. And, although cliché, voices do justice to the sprites chosen for the customers.

Setting a New Catwalk Pace

It is always great to see a game sequel do better than its predecessor. A step above the rest, Posh Boutique 2 does a good job of improving upon the first game's mechanics and adding a little extra sparkle to the already enjoyable game play. Although the story is somewhat shallow, the overall delivery is enough to make it a gem of a title, worthy of spending a whole afternoon playing.

The Verdict

Difficulty- wise, Posh Boutique 2 is simple enough to learn for new casual gamers looking for a trip down the runway but is polished just right for veterans to be challenged with. With its variety of tasks, the pace is tempered, making the dress up fashion game a balanced entry to the time management niche. All in all, Posh Boutique 2 is a must try for anyone who appreciates novel concepts and is looking for a trendsetter in the time- management genre. We give this game a critical fashionista's 94/100.

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