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Fashion game online for girls - what's your style?

ourWorld is a free virtual fashion game world featuring 1000's of different cool outfit's to show off to other players. You can create and customise your avatar, dress in the most fashionable clothes so you look funky and trendy in front of other fashion friends. ourWorld is the number one game for girls who truly love fashion and it's free to play, simply create a character above and enter the world to see whats happening!

Take a look at some of the fashions ourWorld has to offer below and also in our fashion design section. You will be able to see some of the audacious and stylish ranges that are being shown off by some of the virtual fashion worlds players.

fashion world glowing girls fashion world goth girls

fashion world cool couples fashion world clothing - 4 fashionable girls

As well as being a free dress up virtual world for girls, ourWorld offers many other exciting things to do...One of the biggest alternatives to fashion in the world is the ability to hang out with other players in stylish condos. You can make friends and chat to other girls and boys online in a safe environment.

This fashion game is a different free online virtual world to others, not only do you meet and socialise with others who are part of the community, but you can do this when playing some of the most popular flash games around, in fact, the ever increasing roster of games currently stands at around 200 games. All characters throughout the virtual environment are completely vectorised meaning the game offers stunningly smooth and rich graphics.

In addition to original ourWorld games, many of the games are from leading developers from the online flash world. Each game comes with separate challenges to complete, or if you want to be a casual gamer, you can just sit back and play without the need to complete challenges.

To get started in this fashion game world for girls, go to the main page, here you will see a large button in the middle of the screen. If you decide to proceed, you need to select your gender. Once you have done this you will progress through to the character setup page, here you have to make the decision if you want to become a guest, tourist or an ourworld resident. A guest membership is free, and allows you to view the majority of things, but you will not be able to do much. To become a tourist you will need to provide your ourWorld name, e-mail address, password and date of birth. Tourist memberships, allow you to do slightly more, and are still free, on the other hand, resident memberships are essentially full memberships, which allow you to do as much or as little as you want.

When you have completed your initial setup for the fashion world, you can start to play games and earn flow, the more flow you earn the more levels you progress. Along the way, you will unlock new gear for your character.

When you start this online game for girls who love fashion, I recommend that you talk to Zoe. Zoe will assist you and to start off with she offers you some tutorial challenges, when you complete these challenges you will know a bit more about how ourWorld operates.

As well as the flash games, as previously mentioned you can choose to chat to anyone of the ourWorld members. When chatting you can either talk to them publically or privately. If you decide to chat privately then you can send your new friend an e-mail from your own personal ourWorld e-mail address. If you wish you can challenge your new friends to play games.

When you create a profile in this fashion virtual world for girls you must create an avatar to go with it, to do this go to the top left hand corner of your screen, and click where it says your name, from here scroll down to appearance. Here you can change all characteristics of your avatar; this allows you to differentiate between players. Whether or not you decide to base your characters appearance on your own is entirely up to you. You can make them look as normal or as wacky as you like, and to do this you can change your head, eyes, eyebrows, skin colour, hair colour, nose, mouth and body size and weight.

I mentioned hair colour but theres also loads of hair dress styles to choose from to make your girl really stand out and look amazing. Just take a look at the hair dressing styles available here.

While you progress you will earn badges. Badges act as a symbol of your in game accomplishments, to earn these badges you simply need to complete challenges. However, not all challenges come with badges, but you will be able to see which ones do and which ones do not before you start.

When you want to check any challenges that you have been issued, you need to go to your challenge page. For example, when you initially start you will be set a few intro challenges. As you progress through the levels you unlock new challenges.

Where the main premise for the free virtual fashion world revolves around games and fashion dressing up, you should always maintain your character and the ourWorld setup allows you to do just that. It is all most like you are living a second life, you have your own condo, pop down the shops, get a job, go dancing, play instruments, join a crew, take photos and anything in-between.

On your main screen, at the top you will see a tab named GO, if you click here a drop down menu will appear and you will see the following options, places, condos, games and shops. Let's take a look at these tabs:

  • Places, in the game world for girls you have the choice to walk to places or you can just click the place you want to go here. This will take you to your desired location instantly.
  • Condos, here you can check out some of the best pads that the ourWorld community has to display.
  • Games, this is a direct link to all the available games on ourWorld.
  • Shops, here you can spend your hard earned money in the shops such as the fashion girls shops. Use these shops to change your appearance, or just have a browse around.

If we talk a bit more about the fashion clothes shops available the main feature is how easy it is to browse all the different clothes available and try them on. With a simple point and click of your mouse you can see how any item of clothing looks on you, whether you can afford it or not, pretty much like window shopping, try before you buy!

Below these selections you will be able to see the my condo tab, or try out a condo, depending on your membership status. If you are a guest or tourist, then you can view other condos here. However, if you are a resident and have a full membership then this will take you directly to your crib.

Next to the GO tab is your characters name. Here you can select from a number of things. Let's take a look at some of the tabs bellow:

  • About , this section allows players to say a little bit about them, so when others view a profile they get to learn a bit more about that person.
  • Comments, here you can view messages left by your friends.
  • Inventory, here you can view all the previous clothes you have purchased, and if you want to you can change into them.
  • Album, here you can view your current selection of photos.
  • E-mail, as I mentioned before when you join you are assigned an e-mail address, on this tab you can check all the e-mails you have been sent, or any messages direct from the ourWorld community.

With an ever increasing roster of games, fashion designs and fashion show competitions, ourWorld is quickly becoming one of the most popular virtual fashion worlds and games online and especially one of the top games for girls who love fashion. It's uniqueness lies in the ability to play popular games and socialise at the same time. All of these attributes make ourWorld the best place online to hang out in as a girl.

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