High School Musical Dress Up Game

This game is so cool! Loads of funky clothes hairstyles and accessories to make your high school musical chick look her sassiest. Click the arrow and you're away! Hairstyle is first. There are lots of different trendy styles. Next pick a top. They come in an array of great colours and textures some sparkly, some striped the choice is yours girls. The same goes for the bottoms. It can be skirts or sexy shorts or a dress if you prefer all in the latest trends.

The high school musical dress up game will keep you busy for hours. Once the dressing is done it's time to make up your girl. Vibrant eye shadows and chic lipsticks to give that pout all girls love are there and you can make your girl look ultra cool with fab shades and hair ornaments. The possibilities are endless for your high school musical babe.