Have fun in a world just for girls, dress up and hang out with your friends

just for girls fashion

In a world just for girls ourWorld lets you shop until you drop, you can wear the most outrageous and coolest of fashions. With a wide variety of themes for the fashions girls can dress up in just about anything and hang out together in their condos and on the streets. If you wish you can also meet and chat to boys but ourWorld is mainly for girls, afterall who loves fashion more than girls do?

In the screenshots above you can see that you can make your girl absolutely beautiful, both physically and through the fashionable clothes and accessories available to buy in the game with gold coins and gems. The girls above really do have a kean eye for fashion by the way.

just for girls who meet boys

This just for girls game also lets you meet boys if you want to make a mixed group of friends. The game will tend to attract boys who love fashion as well so you may meet a boy you have a lot in common with. There are many couples in ourWorld and they look very celebrity like with their poses and wardrobe collections.

In the photo shop in the just for girls world you can take some very enchanting and fun loving photos of you and your friends having a great time and store these photos in your photo album. You can also take more photos anywhere throughout the world, it doesn't have to just be in the booth. If you create a girl and then inspect some of the more experienced girls in the game you will no doubt see the large selections of photos they have of their friends and themselves having a great time. This is a great way of seeing what a lot of people look like in ourWorld and also just how good you can look too.

just for girls who love dressing up

If you love dressing up and looking cool, ditch the poor quality games on many girl websites and start playing in ourWorld. ourWorld offers more fashion than any other online virtual world just for girls and it's all for free. It continually updates it's clothes designs with new ranges coming out on a weekly basis. They also have some very fun loving outfits designed for different seasons such as christmas, easter, summer, spring and winter. Also with the ability to zoom in and out in the game you can examine all your fashions to a very high level of detail.

The variety of accessories is perhaps one of ourWorld's best strengths. These include a variety of:

  • Hats
  • Earings
  • Tattoos
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Bags
  • Hair pieces

Apart from the fashion and the sociable aspect of meeting loads of great girls, the game is also kept entertainng through the many games the world offers for girls to play. These are fun loving casual titles that are not so serious and are good to pick up and play any time you like. Playing these games can also earn you more in game credits to buy clothes with.

So if your looking for a world just for girls or a game just for girls, make sure you try out ourWorld first by registering for free above and creating your perfect girly avatar!