Create your own condo, decorate it with fancy furniture and invite friends round to party!

ourWorld offers you the chance to make your own condo starting out with a living room and a garden. You can then extend your house to include a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, games area and garage decorating all the rooms with loads of different wallpaper and interior designs, furniture of your choosing and even music jukeboxes. The level of detail in creating your own house is amazing, as you can even buy a music player and music tracks that you can play and chill out to.

It gets even better still, as you can make and chat to friends in game that you can invite round to your house to chill out or party. Did I mention a garden too? That's right in this make a house game for girls you get a large garden to decorate to your choosing and grow your own pets in. Critter pets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and include spiders, fairies, dogs, cats, sheep and many more kinds of pet. You can purchase garden furniture, garden backgrounds (like a landscape background), for example you can get a forest theme background which makes your garden and condo seem like your located right in the middle of the woods or even on an exotic beach, all this comes free in the gaming world, so sign up now and create your free avatar girl - very cool!

ourWorld constantly bring out new furniture, wallpaper and quirky individual items to decorate your condo and garden with. For example for halloween 2010 they brought out a haunted house you could put in your condo with ghosts floating round it, this looked awesome. I have included some screenshots below that show why ourWorld is the number one make a house game for girls, sign up free and make your own house now!

make a house game: blue cow theme

Above we can see a very cool blue and mist themed living room in a players condo. Anyone can visit each others house to check it out as a guest, so long as that player is allowing visitors. You can also choose to keep your condo private and make it accessible by invitation only!

make a house game: candy living room

As sweet as candy, this house has really had some love and tendor care put into it. It's charming and very cute so the owner should be very proud of herself for making it so girly and nice to hang out in.

make a house game: halloween theme

A spooky halloween theme, check the wallpaper out, it was one of the custom themes created for Halloween by the ourWorld team and its super cool. The giant ghost is actually a wallpaper sticker, one of many you can purchase through the gems you collect in ourWorld.

make a house game: garden growing pets

A player's garden full of eggs waiting to be hatched into pets! Check out the background theme, a mystical forest which complements this very green and naturist garden. In ourWorld you can grow your own pets and have them follow you round in the world like your faithful side kick. Play this make a house game now in ourWorld, the number one fashion world, simply sign up for free above and show us what interior design skills you have!