Dress up in designer muslim fashions for girls

ourWorld has a range of muslim designer clothes that you can dress your character up in and is not just a game for girls with western fashion sense. Once you have created your character you then get to customise her look which includes many skin and hair colours as well as additional features such as eyes and nose.

ourWorld is free to play and shopping in the world for muslim clothes is also free in the sense that you earn gems and gold coins by playing the game and then you can buy your own designer clothes to dress up in. Below are fantastic examples of some of the girls I created to show you how this free virtual fashion world is the number one of all the muslim games for girls.

In actual fact many muslims already play in ourWorld from over Africa and the middle east including India, Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

I would like to see more fashion ranges to cater for muslim girls in ourWorld and it's an idea I will sending through to the ourWorld team. For now though I think they have a good starting collection and some of the western clothes are also quite modest to wear. Try ourWorld now, register for free and play in a muslim game for girls who love fashion!

Dress to impress in fashions like these by creating a girl in ourWorld!

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