Rihanna Dress Up Game

Hey there girls Rihanna's in town! Wouldn't you just love to be the gal that dresses this pop icon for her next performance? Well now you can when you play the Rihanna dress up game. All you have to do is select what you want, drag and drop the item onto your girl and done, it's as easy as that. There are so many choices you will be able to play over and over.

First select the hair. Then choose from a sparkling array of tops leggings trousers and tights. They are all super cool and such bling! She can wear strappy high shoes or long shiny boots they all look great. Then accessorize! There is flashy, glitzy jewellery, fantastic statement belts and super cool shades to finish off that unique Rihanna look. Dress your star again and again you will have such fun with the Rihanna dress up game.