Surf Beauty Dress Up Game

Hi girls! It's time to go to the beach. Hot summer days lying on the sand getting a great tan. Getting too hot? Time for surfing! The surf beauty dress up game will take you there and you can choose from a great selection of beachwear for that cool sophisticated surfing look. Start at the top of your model and select a funky hairstyle. Some come with hats some with visors depends which look you want.

Next are earrings and then shades followed by a fab selection of bikini tops, bottoms and micro skirts that will make your girl look the coolest beach babe around. Complete her look with a pair of up to the minute flip flops or colourful beach sandals. Now all she needs is...yes the surf board! It comes in lots of colours and crazy patterns. Your girl will look great riding the waves when you play surf beauty dress up game.